For too long, McDonald’s has put profits ahead of doing the right thing.

McDonald's invests huge sums of money into advertising to promote their 'good-guy' image. They want us all to believe they are a reliable, responsible company that does the right thing.

But it's a charade.

Behind closed doors, animals are suffering in unimaginable ways for McDonald’s menu items. Chickens are bred to grow so large, so fast, they can hardly walk. They spend their short, miserable lives in crowded, filthy sheds. Despite thousands of consumers voicing their concerns about this animal cruelty, McDonald’s executives have refused to listen.

It’s time they stop ghosting their chicken welfare responsibilities.


/mcˈɡoʊstɚ/ noun
  1. A person, group or company who avoids commitment.
    “That McGhoster is so cruel. They act all wholesome but refuse to commit to improving chicken welfare. Seriously, we need to make them change.”

There is a growing national movement against McDonald's for allowing extreme animal suffering in its chicken supply chain.

Over 130 companies, including competitors such as Burger King and Subway, have produced policies that take meaningful and measurable steps to address these animal suffering issues, McDonald's has instead released a policy that fails to address several important welfare issues.

Find out what The Humane League is doing to change this.