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Don’t Buy into McDonald’s Animal Cruelty.

Owning a McDonald's restaurant means buying into a company that is falling dramatically behind on social responsibility issues including animal welfare. Despite public outrage, McDonald's leadership has refused to meaningfully address the concerns of neglect and mistreatment in its chicken supply chain. Buying into McDonald's means buying into animal cruelty.

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McDonald’s refusal to commit to a meaningful animal welfare policy could seriously impact your business.

National Boycott

There is a growing national boycott and aggressive campaign against McDonald’s for supporting animal cruelty in its chicken supply chain.

Alongside The Humane League, consumers have launched a national boycott against McDonald’s. In addition to the 125,000 people that have signed an online petition, thousands of volunteers are mobilizing across the country, urging McDonald’s to improve its animal welfare policies.

The bottom line: investing in animal cruelty is bad for business.

Falling Behind

Despite comprehensive commitments from several of McDonald’s competitors, including Burger King, Subway, and Starbucks, McDonald’s refuses to take this issue seriously. When other major companies have already committed to sweeping welfare reforms, what’s McDonald’s excuse?

Misleading Consumers

Despite the financial impact on individual franchisees, McDonald’s leadership refuses to listen to its customers and employees and produce a policy that meaningfully addresses the problems in its supply chain.

Rather than enact meaningful improvements for the millions of chickens in its supply chain, McDonald’s has focused on actively misleading consumers. Under McDonald’s current policy, Chickens raised and killed for McDonald’s food are still forcefully bred to grow so large, so fast that they literally become paralyzed under their own enormous bodies. They are still forced to live in overcrowded, dark, disgusting barns, causing painful conditions including horrible ammonia burns on their chest and legs.

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Current Franchise Operators

McDonald’s refusal to commit to a meaningful animal welfare policy could seriously impact your business.

Prospective Franchise Operators

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